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You can manage PIN Authentication options via the PIN Policies. To set options for authentication from IP phones you can either edit the Global policy or create your own. For convenience, we will create a new policy and apply it to the users who will connect to the Lync Server from IP phones.

To create a new PIN policy, in the Lync Server Control Panel click Security, and then click PIN Policy tab. In accordance with your company security requirements, select the options for the new PIN policy.

It is not recommended that you select Enable PIN expiration option because user login and PIN are permanently stored in the IP phone settings and are not used by the user regularly.



To assign created PIN Authentication policy to the users, click Users in the left navigation bar of Lync Server Control Panel. Then select one or multiple users and click Action in the toolbar, and then click Assign policies. Select the name of previously created policy in the PIN policy drop-down list.


After you set up PIN authentication policy, you can create user PINs in the Kinnex Media Gateway Control Panel. New user PINs will be created on the Lync Server automatically.


For details about managing PIN Policies, see: